Attention for TGS Products
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TGS products shall not be used within any life supports systems without the specific written content from TGS. A life support system is a product or system, which intended to support or sustain life. If it fails, one can reasonably expect that failed life support system will result in a significant personal injury or death.The specification in this catalog is subject to change or stops the supply without notice. Please confirm the specifications before ordering any TGS products. If there are any questions, please contact us sales representative for more information by e-mail ( The products specifications listed in catalog are for information only. Please confirm detailed specifications by checking the product specification document or Requesting for the approval sheet for products specification before ordering.

Above all, when using TGS products, please take care the following point:

1. Don't apply voltage exceeding the rated voltage of components

2. Be certain not to operate outside the recommended operating temperature range of components

3. Be careful of soldering temperature and duration of components when soldering

4. Don't place soldering iron on the body of components

5. Be careful not to subject the terminates or leads of components to excessive force

6. Pay attention to the type of flux cleaning solvents that may damage components.

Warranty Information

TGS Crystals Ltd. Co., Ltd. (hereafter called "TGS") warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service and to be in accordance with TGS specifications and drawings for a period of six months after date of shipment by TGS. Within warranty period, TGS's sole liability and responsibility is to responsibility is to replace of repair any product, this is returned to it by Buyer and which TGS determines to de defective or non-conforming to the specification of the product ordered. The remedies stated herein are exclusive remedies and TGS shall not be responsible of liable for any indirect, consequential or indirect and consequential damages suffered by Buyer for delays, production reduction and any other matter related to its business activity. This warranty does not include, nor does TGS assume responsibility for defects or damage caused by misuse, abuse, service or repair by others and normal wear and tear.


The data and information contained herein are intended for use by persons possessing technical skill and knowledge, as they may deem appropriate and at their own risk. We assume no liability whatsoever for results obtained or loss or damage incurred as a result of application of any data or information presented herein. All information and graphics are provided "ASIS" without warranty of any kind. The information and graphics published herein could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. TGS believes the information contained herein is accurate as of its publication date. Information contained herein is subject to change without notice.