Part No. & Code Guide
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Part Number and Part Code Structure

To ensure that all products supplied are to the customer requirements it is important that all the relevant information is supplied when a purchase order is placed. TGS use two methods to correctly specify parts.

1) Part number which can be quoted -Part number shows the useful information that TGS would need to have in order to commence manufacture of this part. We add 2 letter or digits at end of part number as internal control code.

For Example

TGS   CSM2  4M0    A50-18-50-20-100    T    LF      XX

①       ②          ③               ④                    ⑤   ⑥       ⑦

① TGS Company Code

② Product Series No., more series No. in the list.

③ Frequency Range-4.0MHz

④ Specification value

⑤ Package in Tape/Reel

⑥ RoHS Complaint code

⑦ Internal Control Code- 2 letter or digits; Blank: N/A

2) Part Code - Industry standard short-code (14 digits)

XM   4M000000        S       100

①         ②                 ③       ④

① Part Code, more Part code in the list

② Frequency Range-4.0MHz

③ Package code

④ Specification code for Part no.

TGS CSM2 4M0A50-18-50-20-100 TLF XX