About Us
About Us

TGS Crystals Ltd. produces and supports Frequency Control Components including Quartz Crystals, Crystal Filters, Oscillators, Ceramic Resonator, Ceramic Filters & SAW Filter/Resonators. A highly experienced engineering team, strong R&D capability, and scientific QC system ensure TGS products meet the requirements of the international electronic market and consistently stands for superlative electronic performance.

TGS Crystals Ltd. has expanded from the China mainland to the worldwide market. Our unique management philosophy is "Reliable Quality, Short Lead Time Service and Competitive  Price System". 

(1) Reliable Quality: A strong R&D capability and scientific QC system ensure TGS products to meet the requirements of the international electronic market. The TGS brand is a symbol of quality for all customers.

(2) Short Lead Time Service: TGS Crystals Ltd. provides you with the products  which feature short lead time for delivery, quick answers for inquiries and sample availability  to enhance your competitiveness in the market.

(3) Competitive Price System: TGS Crystals Ltd.always make a competitive offer on the basis of reliable quality. You can expect good profit and expand your market through cooperation with us.


Our in-house QC staff are responsible for quality control and technical support. A step-by-step procedure ensures compliance with ISO 9000/ISO14000 standard. We follow the following testing procedure with our advanced equipment before shipment:

(1) Raw Materials/components before purchased/imported

(2) Each stage of production

(3) Random checking of products after completed each stage

(4) Checked each production after finished products (pre-packing)

(5) Random checking as per customer's requirement after packed

(6) Random checks before delivery