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f0(Center Frequency);
         Usually defined as two band-pass filter 3 dB at the midpoint between the general points with two 3 Db of the arithmetic mean to express.

IL(Insertion Loss);
        Devices that a value of power loss, IL = 10Log (Pl / Pin), independent of frequency, in which Pl is the load power, Pin for input from the power generator.

BW(Pass Bandwidth);
        Relative (insertion) loss provisions equal to or less than the frequency value of the interval between points. BW3 is also called the 3dB bandwidth, the reference point refers to the 3 dB under the frequency interval.

Passband Amplitude ripple;
       In a given pass-band frequency band (rate) of the (insert) the greatest change in the value of loss characteristics.

Group delay ripple ;
Group Delay is defined as phase shift changes with frequency derivative, can be simply understood as the phase distortion
Group Delay fluctuation band in a given group delay difference between the maximum and minimum values.

Relative attenuation ; 
        A given frequency the insertion loss and frequency reference to the difference between the insertion loss .

Stop band ;
       Relative loss equal to or greater than a specified value of the band.

        That the efficiency of filters, as a ratio in size between 1 to infinity, that is the size of the energy reflection. 1 that all the energy is no wear and tear through. All values greater than 1 indicated that some energy is reflected, that is wasted.